Real Money Slots

Are Online Slots Safe?

Real Money SlotsThe one thing you don’t need to worry about when playing online slots is your safety. Online casinos know that even the smallest mistake can lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue. Those companies now use encryption software that takes every bit of information entered into the system and changes it into a series of gibberish and nonsense. Anyone who manages to gain access to the system will find that the information is so garbled that they cannot use it.

Another important piece of technology that casinos use is a firewall. A firewall creates an additional layer of protection that blocks anyone attempting to hack the system. Some of the newer casinos recommend that players use an e-wallet as well. You can store your personal information in the e-wallet and use it as a form of payment without entering credit card or banking information on a casino site.

Benefits of Online Real Money Slots

online payment methodsWouldn’t you love the chance to earn money while playing video games? Thanks to real money online casinos, you now have that chance to win big on slots for real money. These casinos operate in the same way as those across Australia do. You can add as much money as you can afford to bet into your account, and any money that you earn will go right back into your account. Most casinos have a minimum and maximum amount that you can withdraw, but you can often transfer thousands of dollars in earnings to your bank account or online wallet.

Real life casinos use certain tricks to keep you playing, including removing clocks in the betting areas and blocking out light in the hopes of distracting you and making you play for longer. With online casinos, you’ll always know exactly what time it is and when it’s the right time to stop betting.

Popular Real Money Slots

avalon 2 slotAvalon 2: Microgaming called Avalon 2 one of its hottest releases, and it seems like the fans agreed. Set in a mystical world, the slots game lets players place bets and explore the unusual world alongside Merlin and other popular characters.

Thunder Struck IIThunderstruck 2:
Introduced in 2010, Thunderstruck 2 is a sequel to the popular game Thunderstruck. Designed for long-term players, it lets players earn free spins and big payouts. With more than 240 paylines and a maximum $15 bet, it appeals to beginners and frequent players alike.


Playboy SlotPlayboy: Playboy slots bring four former Playboy girls to life on a slot machine screen. Featuring 243 paylines, five reels and four bonus features, it’s no wonder why both men and women love the game.


dark knight rises online slotThe Dark Knight Rises: The excitement and adventure of The Dark Knight Rises comes across in the video slot machine of the same name. Featuring the same talented actors from the film, the slot offers 243 paylines and video bonuses that players can unlock.


high society pokieHigh Society: Win big when you see two of the same symbols appear on the screen of High Society. Featuring five reels, several multipliers and ample bonuses, this slot offers dozens of ways to win every time you spin.